"Isla couldn't put this book down - she's been reading it to herself in bed and told me she loves this book!! Well done Flick, it looks like it's a real page turner."

"What a lovely concept! Different job roles for different fairy talents. I was eager to know how things would turn out for Kicky. Could she be the next Disney heroine?"

"What a sweet story! I loved hearing Kicky's story, and seeing how she discovered who she was. Well written with believable characters, a quick pace, and an interesting plot. I love how the author used big, lesser used words, and included a dictionary for them in the back to teach children about descriptions. (I especially loved the use of ragamuffin!) I really enjoyed this book, and would love to see more about this world! Definitely recommending!"

"Having not read a children's book in a while it was weird adjusting to the language, and the repetition but from a child's perspective it was definitely aimed correctly.
Flick Jones' had a cosy narrative, one which reminded me nostalgically of books I used to read as a child, such as The Naughtiest Girl in the School by Enid Blyton and The Faraway Tree.
I definitely would recommend this book to young readers, it's one to empower them to follow their path and not worry if they don't fit in straight away - that they'll find what they are good for soon enough. It had great morals to the story of good and bad characters.
The world created was very immersive, again reminding me of Beatrix Potter. The little details were a lovely touch from Flick that layered the world and lifted it off of the page.
All in all a very enjoyable quick read - and the watercolour drawings were lovely - I wish there had been more of them! A lovely addition for children to enjoy along with the story! Bless little Kicky the Tooth Fairy!"

“The Foundling Fairy is an amazing book, I could read it over and over again.

My favourite part of the story is when Sessile found Kicky at the bottom of her tree house as a bag of rags. My favourite character is Sessile because she is caring, loving and abrupt in a polite manner.

This book made me happy, sad and cheerful through the good times and the bad. I definitely give this book 10 out of 10. I would highly recommend reading this book.”

“Bought The Foundling Fairy for my 6 year old niece for Christmas after reading a review of the books in a monthly circular that came through the front door.... I am so glad I did as she’s a keen reader now and absolutely loves this and the other book, Does Butter Fly?, which is a series of poems by Flick Jones. Can’t recommend enough, lovely story, well written and, if my niece loves it, that’s good enough for me!”

"Great book for children, enjoy reading it to our daughter who seems to get transported into Kicky's world very quickly. The dictionary in the back helps with explaining some of the bigger words, a real helpful learning aid and a nice bedtime book."

"Thank you @Flickjones1 @pegasuspublish for my class copies of your books and these cute bookmarks! My class are loving them so far, quite a few of them have got that "fairy bug" at the moment #ReadingRocks"

"Such a lovely story! Very imaginative and some lovely humour, it has all the ingredients of a box-office hit! I look forward to hearing more of Kicky's adventures."

Molly, who is nearly 5, commented: “My favourite poem was the one about Sidney, the spider. It was really funny because he had hairy legs and, of course, mice can’t be allergic to cheese, that’s just silly! I also liked the Monica Veronica one because she has curly hair, like me, and does silly things, like me.”

Does Butter Fly? by Flick Jones:

"This delightful book is full of fun and was thoroughly enjoyed by my two granddaughters age 4 and 10. I read it aloud to the 4 year old and she was in fits of giggles almost immediately; her favourite poem was Monica Veronica closely followed by Granny Grimble. The poems lend themselves to being read aloud and the use of rhyme and repetition add to the delight. My 10 year old granddaughter and I took turns in reading a poem each, again it wasn’t long before she was laughing and giggling too. Her favourite was Duvet Day and Does Butter Fly?, although it took her a while to decide because she liked so many. Although she is a good reader, she needs encouragement to read for pleasure and it is books like this that help stimulate and encourage children to get the reading bug. This is a book that can be returned to time and time again and I know will be a firm family favourite."

The Foundling Fairy by Flick Jones

"This is a lovely story about friendship and trust. It tells the story of Kicky, the Foundling Fairy, her life under the guidance of Sessile, the various friends and enemies she encounters along the way and her eventual success in graduating as a tooth fairy!

I read this with my 11 year old granddaughter, Seren, and we both really enjoyed the book. She liked the personalities of the characters and the fact that the fairies had specific jobs and had to be trained for their roles. The descriptions Flick used for each character was excellent and really brought them to life; Seren’s favourite characters were Kicky, Sessile, Pearly and Hixie the Pixie. She loved the excitement and adventure that followed Sessile’s wand being stolen. We discussed friendship and trust and Seren related this to things that had happened in class.

The vocabulary used in the book was challenging for Seren so she found the list at the back of the book useful. It was a good opportunity to pick up on some of the words and the meanings that were new to her and then to use them in context. She was particularly surprised to learn the meaning of ‘foundling’ and this triggered a long discussion between us.

Thank you for writing this thoroughly enjoyable story and Seren would like to know what adventures Kicky will have in the future now that she is a fully qualified tooth fairy!"

"Well done, Flick. Chloe and I read it together and we both loved it."